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It has been proven once more - the boys simply excel at clutching it out 🤠

The weekly Top3, brought to you by…

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A loss, but nothing to be ashamed of! The boys showed some incredible fighting spirit against a strong opponent, GG…

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This game seems to be a story of comebacks! While successful on Overpass, coming back from a 0-14 is a different st…

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We are the underdogs in this matchup, and it was looking bleak in the beginning. But our boys putting up a fight, a…

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Hey everyone, the password for tonight's @natural8 freeroll will be: jazzmusic

Good luck and have fun playing 🥳🍀

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🔵 @ESEA Advanced Playoffs

This is going to be a hard one. But the boys are up for the challenge and we have nothin…

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A much needed 2:0 in the #99Liga, it wasn't as clean as it could have been, but a win is a win 🙏😇


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The pistol round seemed lost, but @officialxenn had a word to say about that 👀

#AllinforNLG #99Liga

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A cheeky 2k by @KyuubiiCS, brought to you by @officialxenn's flash 🔆

#AllinforNLG #99Liga

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🔵 @99DAMAGEde League

There's still a lot of work to be done in the #99Liga. Let's get started with a 2:0 against t…

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A quick 2nd map and @YoanMerlo leads the table with 4 wins!


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Everything on track so far, as @YoanMerlo takes the lead against @Wc3Sunny !


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What a way to start out the playoffs 🤯

A dominating 2:0 against @dynamoeclot swiftly puts the boys in the 2nd Uppe…

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Eliaaaaaaaas 😱😱

The boys are dominating right now, and @s1nCS is making sure a 1v3 won't change that!…

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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

8 is a bigger number than 6, quick maths 🤓

In this case, @YoanMerlo could be undefeated 8 m…

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🔵 @ESEA Advanced Playoffs

Just two days after the regular season, it's already time to get the playoffs going! Som…

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The @WSOP has been filled with tons of action already! Check out Academy member @LeonRumukulus as he battles the hi…

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