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Following a constant back and forth and 3 intense maps, the boys were able to overcome @SparxEsports ⭐️

That means…

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Playing CS is just like riding a bicycle 🚲

At least that's how @J0hnnyCS sees things! Straight back to rolling ove…

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Take @PerX1337 as an example, get some snacks and prepare yourself for the final map 🥨

The pistol round goes our w…

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Playing passive after an entry? Not repeeking? Sounds pretty boring to @LyGHTcsgo 🥱

Nuke is as close as it could b…

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His hairstyle isn't the only thing on point tonight 👀

@PerX1337 is ready to clutch, as the boys pick up Mirage! Ge…

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Surrounded by enemies? Unfortunately for @SparxEsports,
that's just how @ecfn_CS likes it 🤓

Things are looking g…

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🔵 @UNITEDProSeries

Time to party 😍

Not only will this matchup be an absolute blast, the mood will be raised by no…

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Some bad and some good news:

👎 Unfortunately -because of illness - there's no stream today.

👍 But you can still p…

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It‘s been an absolutely amazing run - and @YoanMerlo is not even finished yet 🤓

We‘re absolutely stunned by his de…

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Our performance coach @Simondiagnostic is back for another episode of our Q+A 🇩🇪/🇦🇹

Today, you‘ll be hearing all a…

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Glückwunsch an @TT_willhaben zum Aufstieg in Div. 1 der #ESLMeisterschaft 🚀🔥😎

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The training definitely showed 💪

@YoanMerlo showed up in beast mode today and finished the last game of the regula…

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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

@YoanMerlo's season is reaching its peek, a spot in the semis is on the line today 😱

He has b…

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Close calls, seasons coming to an end

The #ESLMeisterschaft ended with a win for us, while we weren't able…

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With all that cold weather and snow outside, it's much more comfortable to get comfy and watch some streams right?…

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Looking for a new gaming chair? 💺

Check out @RECARO_Gaming's sale, and grab the RECARO Exo in the All Black Editio…

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😎Look who's stepping by to say "Hello" 😎

@CrownUpGuy with some strategy advices for his neighbour @GatsbyKempinho.…

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Nothing planned this evening?

@LeonRumukulus and @GatsbyKempinho got you covered! They're going live for a sponta…

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