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💙 Farewell @YoanMerlo! 💙

After more than 2 years we say goodbye to one of the biggest legends the esport scene has…

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GGWP to @Entropiqteam 🤝

Well - this was an intense game with a constant up and down but in the end we could take t…

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🔵 @ESEA Advanced

Are you ready for some ESEA action tonight?
Because we are 😉🔥

🆚 @Entropiqteam Prague
🕖 19:00

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The password for tonight's edition of the $100 @natural8 freeroll is going to be: heat

Have a fun night of poker a…

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🔵 Monthly Recap - April

@YoanMerlo took another top 4 finish at the #ESLMeisterschaft Finals! 🔥


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🔷 @Natural8 Exclusive!

Win a share of $30,000 when you play any GGOC event!

Collect as many Mystery Boxes as you…

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Well, no luck today, as @WaNV77 takes the win against @YoanMerlo and moves on into the grand final.


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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft - Semifinal

It's finally time for the @ESLGermany Meisterschaft Finals! Can @YoanMerlo make it…

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The password for tonight's edition of the $100 @natural8 freeroll is going to be: century

Have a fun night of poke…

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Guess we are the new #winnersclub ? 🧐

We win with a 16:4 on de_dust2 🧹 GGWP!
Means we are 2-1 in the current…

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🔵 @ESEA Advanced

Let's see if they chose right to call themselves the winners 😏

🆚 #winnersclub
🕖 19:00

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Want to take part in the biggest online tournament series ever? Then take a look at the GG Online Championship on…

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Well - this was a close one ^^
We fall to #TeamFLET with a 20-22 - ggwp to them! 🤝

Means it's a 1-1 standing - l…

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14-16 💔

GGWP @cowanaGaming, gl in the final!

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@PerX1337 with the 1v4 😳


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Vertigo ☑️
16-3, strong performance by the boys 😍

It all comes down to Ancient!


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