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3 wins, and around 150k in prize money 😳

Congratulations to @WushuTM, @HeaITheW0rld and @LeonRumukulus for their b…

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Unfortunately we weren't able to get back into the groove today, as we lose another map in the @ESEA Advanced :/


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🔵 @ESEA Advanced

We're right back with more ESEA action, as we aim to grab our 5th map of the season 💪


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Tonight 2 promising austrian teams will fight for our slot in the 2nd Division of the @99DAMAGEde League!

May the…

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It can be hard to get into the groove, when you have a long day of work behind you 🥱

@Simondiagnostic can help you…

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Our soon-to-be birthday boy is streaming into his big day!

Check it out, and get ready to sing at midnight 🤓

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🏆 Victory 🏆

@YoanMerlo was able to start off the new #ESLMeisterschaft season with a bang!


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The first map is secured, one more to go 💪

@YoanMerlo @Back2Warcraft

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Unfortunately we didn't manage to extend our @ESEA winning streak today 😬

We'll be right back for vengance tomorr…

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🔵 @ESEA Advanced

New week, more CS to be played! The squad is looking to continue climbing the league ranking 🪜


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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

@YoanMerlo is back, back again 😎

🆚 JokeRn
🕣 20:30


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💪💪 #TeamNLG 💪💪

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A quiet, but productive week for #TeamNLG

A convincing win, and a loss to learn from - not a lot of matche…

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How much of a starting stack is a bounty worth? 🧐

@bencb and his team released a FREE video regarding this questio…

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