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Ready for some poker tonight? 🤔

Make sure to tune in, as @LeonRumukulus will be streaming the KO Series #21 Mini M…

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A successful debut for #TeamNLG 2021

The long-awaited @UNITEDProSeries Winter Finals ended after a brillia…

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They were just too strong - GGWP @ATNattax 🤜🤛

We are out of the @UNITEDProSeries Winter Finals, but a third place…

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Psssssst 👀

We see you, not watching the game yet! It's do or die time, the boys have their backs against the wall,…

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An absolutely crucial clutch by @officialxenn to keep the score close 💪



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It's an even battle, as @pdy_csgo starts a complete shutdown of the A-Site 🛑


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🔵 @UNITEDProSeries Winter Finals

The climb continues 🪜

After losing the first match, the boys have grinded the lo…

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A close call on Mirage - easy going on Vertigo 😎

We take revenge against @TTC_eSport, and step into t…

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Following another comeback on Mirage, we're in the driving seat on Vertigo, just 6 rounds until victory 🏆…

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We certainly hope you don't have anything planned tomorrow morning, because this could take a while 😬

Mirage will…

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Sorry @TTC_eSport, A-Site is closed today, please come back tomorrow 🔒

@pdy_csgo opens the round with a quick 2k,…

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🔵 @UNITEDProSeries Winter Finals

Time for Revenge 😎

They managed to overcome us the first time, but the boys have…

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After having a slow start last match, the boys came into this one with guns blazing 🔫

We defeat @uol_csgo 2:0 and…

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boing 🦘

boing 🦘

The boys are hyped, and the first map is ours! We resume in a few minutes, tune in if you haven't…

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