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After surpassing their small low, the boys have come back in a big fashion, rocking a 24 match winst…

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The final map was not relevant for the ranking, yet it is still nice to finish the regular season with a win 😍


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The first map has been played out, and 2 things are certain:

1⃣ The first place in groups is out of reach,…

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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

The playoffs are already secured, now it's all about the seeding! So let's give our best in t…

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A win in the final match secured ToD yet another first place in the #ESLMeisterschaft group stage!…

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An immensly important win against @cowanaGaming secures us a spot in the #ESLMeisterschaft playoffs 😍


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Middle stays clear of any unwanted terrorists, thanks to a quick 3k by @redcsgod 😇


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Picking up maps like a well-oiled machine ⚙️

A close race towards the end, but Vertigo is ours, as @pdy_csgo and…

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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

Still haven't had enough CS this week? No problem!

To complete the battle for the top spots…

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The next 2:0 in the #ESLMeisterschaft is in the bag 💪

GGWP to @TT_willhaben, it's always a pleasure, we're looking…

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The password for tonights exclusive @natural8 freeroll is going to be: amazing

Good luck and have fun 🍀🍀

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Oh boy, @TT_willhaben has definitely shown up to play this evening 😳

Getting pretty close towards the end, Vertigo…

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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft

Today we're up against the austrians once more! The goal for tonight is clear - avoid the thre…

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Seems like the boys wanted to go to bed early 💤

A quick 2:0 against @EntropyGaming brings us further towards the t…

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The boys are playing like a finely tuned machine this evening 😍

Vertigo is ours and Dust2 is going just as well, a…

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