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We want to congratulate the boys for their second @99DAMAGEde League title 🥳

Everyday they prove, how hungry for s…

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Enjoy yesterday's winning moment, as the boys crowned themselves consecutive @99DAMAGEde Leagu…

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The boys did it! They defend their @99DAMAGEde League title against @uol_csgo, and are consecutive c…

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Things are running more smoothly on Inferno, as just one map seperates us from the @99DAMAGEde League title 👀…

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How do the boys keep doing it, they claw their way back on Vertigo after being down 4-14!


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It was looking quite dire on Vertigo, but it seems like the boys still want to fight back 😏

@s1nCS getting some st…

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🔵 @99DAMAGEde League Grand Final

This is it! We get our rematch against the Unicorns, and the boys are looking to…

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A swift 2:0 victory against @PIXLIPGaming secures our spot in the @99DAMAGEde League grand finals! P…

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Uhhhm @redcsgod, that's illegal 😬

#AllinforNLG #99Liga

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What an absolute Hero-Play 🤯

@officialxenn plays his position to perfection and keeps the B-Site safe, which leads…

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Map 1 ✅

One more map seperates us from the grand final! The boys are on a solid path towards ending things on Dust…

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no words needed @s1nCS

#AllinforNLG #99Liga

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That was close 😅

Things are getting more and more intense on Overpass. @s1nCS and @officialxenn keep their cool an…

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Seems like the boys got a good night of sleep and are ready to roll 🚆

Our T side on Overpass is well on its way, a…

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🔵 @99DAMAGEde League Finals

Time for the showdown 🤯

This is it - today will decide if the boys can defend their…

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Hyped yet? 😍

Tomorrow we reach the final stage of the @99DAMAGEde playoffs, going up against @PIXLIPGaming in the…

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