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The #USPO kicked off & to absolutely nobody's surprise @swordfish007 is already on a final table! Good luck to him…

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Do yourself a favor and give this man a follow 👉

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He's back! @HeaITheW0rld is live on @TwitchPoker in ~1hr & will be grinding every highstakes MTT you can think of…

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Feeling energized! Do we head to the gym or hit the queue? 💪🔥

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The #NLG Team House is always action packed! From match days & coaching sessions to bootcamps that maintain our pea…

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Seems like you've all enjoyed these dual Scotsman streams. If that's the case you'll be please to know they're LIVE…

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Time to get some votes in for our boy @chrissKcs 🗳️

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Two maps, two solid performances from #TeamNLG. Our first 6 point sweep in the books! 💪 #ESLMeisterschaft


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Monday means matchday 4️⃣ #ESLMeisterschaft

#TeamNLG vs @BLUEJAYS_Sports

🕢 19:30 CET
🎥 Streamed live on…

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Another weekend, another successful bootcamp at the teamhouse ✅

Big shoutout to our partners @RuntimeGG,…

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How about this graph from @RunGo0seRun's recent short deck NL10k session? 📈 💪

In today's video release he battles…

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