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📢 Please welcome the @rcadia_official as our official bootcamp partner!

We're more than happy to team up with one…

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Our first Top3 Plays of 2022 🔥

Only 2 Matches played so far, but the boys dropped some sexy triple frags 🔫🔫🔫


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The password for tonight's edition of the $100 @natural8 freeroll is going to be: pwsge

Have a fun night of poker…

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Another win means another 3 points for @YoanMerlo, as he defeats @ScarsWc3 in his second match of the…

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A nice way to end the match!❄️
@YoanMerlo takes map 3 and the win!


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🔵 #ESLMeisterschaft - Matchday 2

After last weeks win, @YoanMerlo is looking to keep that #1 spot in his group 👀…

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👋 Hello Savvy Gaming Group, now please bring back Intel Friday Night Games and Team Ladders, thank you!

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That's a good way to start the new week. After the 16:0 on Overpass, we also had to win our map pick.


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🔥 @okoliciouz is simply on fire today!🔥


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Sick performance by everyone, but @maRkyBEASTT (21-5-7) and @pdy_csgo (21-2-9) crushed it the most 💪

Behind the sc…

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Hey @SissiStatePunks, you are on the same map as us? And this is the first 16:0 this season!👌


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