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Our 🇧🇷 team member @AleMantovaniPkr is grinding high-stakes on @TwitchPoker (streaming in P…

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Live on @TwitchPoker with our #NLGAcademy member @micefield1 at

Stop by the stream and say…

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Not the result we were looking for on Inferno but solid performance on the recently updated Vertigo. GGWP @WarKidZ!…

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We're live for #ESLMeisterschaft matchday 4⃣ against @WarKidZ on Vertigo & Inferno.


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That's a start we were looking for! #99Liga


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🧐 @ScrunKcs #99Liga

We take down Mirage 16-4 and head to Inferno after a short break! 💪


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.@LyGHTcsgo & @chrissKcs with the B hold! 🔥

First map (BO2) live now:

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Start of the #99Liga campaign for our CS:GO team. Road to D1 promotion begins, let's do this! 💪 #AllinforNLG


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Throwing it back to past #WCOOP, when @SpaceyFCB final tabled the always action rich $1,050 Win the Button w/ $70,0…

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Our 5th and last @ESEA Advanced match of the week is an early one & will be cast by @zescht & @XqzRTV in English!…

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Casual crushing on his last Tuesday session 👀

@AleMantovaniPkr just started the stream on our @Twitch
channel & i…

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Back to back days with multiple @ESEA Advanced matchups. Catch all the action cast by @GoTTi1337

🕕 18:00 CEST

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